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Late at Tate ~ Deller & Oneohtrix

The History of the World 1998 by Jeremy Deller born 1966

Late at Tate Britain presents a free evening of performance and installations from Warp Records and Jeremy Deller, inspired by Deller’s work The History of the World.

Live performances

  • Jeremy Deller presents Acid Brass (live) featuring Fairey Brass Band
  • patten (live AV show)

The History of the World’ installation commissions

  • Oneohtrix Point Never presents Melancholy
  • Hudson Mohawke presents Summers of Love
  • Rustie presents Rave

Friday 6th Dec. 18h30.

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Luminaries ~ Lotte Stam-Beese


Lotte Stam-Beese





Radiophonic John & The Late Junction


John Baker from The Radiophonic Workshop explains his sound manipulations on BBC 3’s Late Junction.

Archive interview segments where included on this week’s show which you can listen to again here.

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ON LISTENING…a new CRiSAP publication


On Listening is a unique collection of 40 multi-disciplinary perspectives drawn from anthropology, bioacoustics, geography, literature, community activism, sociology, religion, philosophy, art history, conflict mediation and the sonic arts including music, ethnomusicology and field recording. These specially commissioned contributions explore the many ways in which skilled listening can mediate new relationships with our physical environment and the people and other species that we share it with.

From the Introduction: “Listening has become an increasingly popular subject of study. It features in conferences, in academic journals, in doctoral research projects. However, reflexive listening is an applied practice that exceeds the boundaries of academic institutions to take its place in a number of everyday settings. This book aims to connect the scholarly and the experiential and extend the contemporary discourse on listening.”

Contributions by: Niall Atkinson, Kenneth Avery, Jean de Dieu Basabose, Moushumi Bhowmik & Sukanta Majumdar, Seth Ayyaz Bhunnoo, Ansuman Biswas, Barry Blesser & Linda Salter, Ross Brown, Daniela Cascella, Jessica Linda Salter, Ross Brown, Daniela Cascella, Jessica Cawley, Michael Chanan, Rupert Cox, Peter Cusack, John Eacott, Michael Gallagher, David Hendy, Penny McCall Howard, Jérôme Joy, Volkmar Klien, Meri Kytö, Brandon LaBelle, Lisbeth A. Lipari, Francisco López, Sarha Moore, Polly Nash, Gianni Pavan, David Rothenberg, Steve Rowell, Dawn Scarfe, Diana Corley Schnapp, Daniel Smith, Peter Szendy, Jean-Paul Thibaud, Davide Tidoni, David Toop, Nicola Triscott, Ultra-red, Salomé Voegelin, Andrew Whitehouse, Mark Peter Wright.

Contents and Introduction

BUY now

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Sound Art Workshop: Vinyl Destruction


Experiment with different ways of destroying, damaging, collaging, altering and re-texturing records, and hear what each adaptation sounds like. Piece together the broken pieces into a Frankenstein audio collage. Explore the physicality of the turntable as an instrument and test its boundaries. Present your work in a euphoric, cacophonous sound performance. 

Keep What You Make! 
All materials, tools and equipment provided. 
High quality audio recordings of your experiments and performance. 
Cozy warehouse studio space in the centre of Dalston. 

Led by sound artist Graham Dunning the workshop includes information on artists abusing records from Fluxus composers through the late 70s New York performance art scene to present day international artists and free improvisers. 

Full price = £25.00 
Concession = Pay what you can afford, no proof needed. 
Venue: Dalston,Dates: 16 & 17 November 2013 from 2pm-6pm.

To book, email or check out his website.

Teaser Trailer ~ 2

The Otolith Sessions teaser trailer #2

Out on Forwind Records 18th November.





Underwire Festival: Celebrating Shorts by Women

 Underwire Festival 2103 kicks off November 19th and this year’s installement boasts a fantastic line up of films, discussions & events.

Some highlights below…..…and a lot more events and screenings at the Underwire Festival Website.  

  • XX Awards (November 19 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm )

The XX Award showcases films with film protagonists at their center. This award is supported by The Film Festival Doctor Runtime: 86 mins – £7.50 for a single screening Get tickets here:

  • Sonic Sirens (November 20 @ 6:15 pm – 7:30 pm)

Best Sound Designer Competition Screening. Cells Happen – Shelly Nicholls Director: Shelly Nicholls/Producer: Lesley Adams/Written by: Shelly Nicholls Exploring what single celled organisms, the building blocks for life have evolved to shape us into what we are today. Tickets here:

  • She Scores (November 20 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm)

Best Composer Competition screening. Ticket to this event also includes entry to the following panel discussion ‘Synch: Matching Music to Pictures’. Tickets here:

  •  Synch: Matching Music to Pictures (November 20 @ 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm)

Explore the dynamics, counterpoints and crescendos of the creative partnership between composers and directors in film. From how to access music regardless of the size of your budget, to marrying the right composing talent to the right project, to how the process works in reality between composers and directors, we will be tackling it all in this whistle-stop tour. The panel will feature Underwire’s first Best Composer winner Victoria Wijeratne. Tickets here:


Nothing Beautiful Unless Useful


Resonance Radio Orchestra: Songs Of Dissolution And Practicality
London Whitechapel Gallery, UK

Resonance co-founder Ed Baxter, singer Sam Lee, Louise Goodwin, Elo Masing and sound artist Chris Weaver perform a new radiophonic work inspired by Whitechapel Gallery’s current exhibition Contemporary Art Society: Nothing Beautiful Unless Useful. London Whitechapel Gallery, 14 November, 7pm.


Whitechapel Gallery

Resonance Radio Orchestra

3 ¾

Cover UPDATED -  The Otolith Sessions Large

Full Stream: 3 ¾ “The Otolith Sessions” – Atom Eye

Full stream of track 3 ¾ from Atom Eye’s upcoming album “The Otolith Sessions” is now available on Forwind’s soundclound page. The record is due for release on the 18th November.

The album is the culmination of a year’s worth of sound experiments captured on various machines of a bygone era. The materials underlying each composition were formed from experiments with magnetic tape manipulation – deconstructing, layering, looping, suspending, pitch-warbling… carefully tended arrangements that unravel gently, to glorious, dramatic effect.


The limited edition CD package will include a book of images and texts documenting the album’s lengthy gestation period, and an “audio cookbook” which will contain instructions on how listeners can create their own music by experimenting with magnetic tape.  Rhythmic Sound design by Pete Lockett and collaborations from Simon Fisher-Turner and Oliver Barton.        

Links and further information

Langham Research Centre


Don’t miss the Langham Research Centre – Britain’s leading musique concrète performing group – performing a selection of Cage’s rarely heard electronic works using obsolete analogue devices. And, with Peter Blegvad they’ll give the UK premiere of Eschatology, a radiophonic exploration of endings and decay.

The programme will include:

John Cage: Variations I (1958), Cartridge Music (1960)
Langham Research Centre & Peter Blegvad: Eschatology (2013)

Cafe Oto – Wednesday 2 October 2013

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