Heartbeat techno forcing choir noise upward in billowing clouds…

by atomeyeblog

Promotional video for “The Otolith Sessions” featuring “Prelude” –  the opening track from the record.

“One of the major surprises with The Otolith Sessions is that it’s an incredibly musical work. Composition hasn’t been neglected in amongst Martins’ passion for process, and the pieces here are comprised of huge, densely orchestrated narratives: teeming starlight soaring over fierce tribal percussion, hazy blankets of voice and saxophone tilting through a tidal throb and sway, heartbeat techno forcing choir noise upward in billowing clouds.” –  ATTN Magazine Review

The Otolith Sessions is an exploration of experiments with magnetic tape manipulations and is offered as a limited edition CD accompanied with a 50 page book complete with beautiful images and texts eluding to the recording materials, machinery, processes and personnel.

Available at Forwind Records, Rough Trade & Stashed Goods.

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