Sound Art Workshop: Vinyl Destruction

by atomeyeblog


Experiment with different ways of destroying, damaging, collaging, altering and re-texturing records, and hear what each adaptation sounds like. Piece together the broken pieces into a Frankenstein audio collage. Explore the physicality of the turntable as an instrument and test its boundaries. Present your work in a euphoric, cacophonous sound performance. 

Keep What You Make! 
All materials, tools and equipment provided. 
High quality audio recordings of your experiments and performance. 
Cozy warehouse studio space in the centre of Dalston. 

Led by sound artist Graham Dunning the workshop includes information on artists abusing records from Fluxus composers through the late 70s New York performance art scene to present day international artists and free improvisers. 

Full price = £25.00 
Concession = Pay what you can afford, no proof needed. 
Venue: Dalston,Dates: 16 & 17 November 2013 from 2pm-6pm.

To book, email or check out his website.