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Month: August, 2013

Quotidian Record

Quotidian Record, by Brian House, is  a great looking vinyl record on which he makes locational data audible: “As the record turns, the markings on the platter indicate both the time as it rotates through every 24 hours and the names of the cities to which I travel. The sound suggests that our habitual patterns have inherent musical qualities, and that daily rhythms might form an emergent portrait of an individual”.

To record his location data he used the OpenPaths app, which records your location data privately.

The NOISES of Art

The noises of art

The NOISES of Art Conference – at Aberystwyth University (4th & 5th Sept) is a must for all sound enthousiasts.

“The conference addresses what is arguably the most prolific, varied, and groundbreaking period in the coming together, exch…ange, and mutual influence of visual art and sound-based practices (such as music and the spoken word). It aims to explore (principally) the visual artist’s engagement with sound, noise, music, and text while at the same time recognizing that there is a traffic of musicians, sound artists, and text artists moving in the opposite direction, who aspire to cultivate visual analogues for their work. Thus, the conference is situated at the intersection of several movements that are converging upon a point of visual-audio synthesis and exchange”.

Programme & Information




Silence is BFI’s film of the week –  The portrait of a sound recordist documenting west Ireland’s unpeopled landscapes.

“In a much-repeated anecdote, the composer John Cage described a visit early in his career to the an…echoic chamber at Harvard. In this room, scientifically designed to be without sound, Cage heard two sounds, one high and one low. He asked the engineer in charge what was happening, and was told that the high sound was his nervous system, the low sound his blood as it circulated. Wherever you go, you can’t escape yourself. The central character in Pat Collins’s elusive, sparse, meditative movie Silence is played by (and named for) Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhríde, an Irish sound recordist returned from Berlin to capture the noise of nothing.” –  Sight & Sound Magazine




The Otolith Sessions (Trailer)

It’s coming…

Atom Eye’s full length debut LP The Otolith Sessions will be a Limited Edition CD presented with a 50 Page Full Colour Companion Audio Cookbook.

Released on the Forwind imprint 18th November.

More details to be revealed in due course….




Forwind Releases

Very proud to announce that Atom Eye joins the roster of artists on the wonderful Forwind label.

Forwind boats a solid run of spectacular releases – all manner of experimental & inspired gems from live improvisation to precise studio completed treatments.  

Can’t wait to announce Atom Eye’s upcoming project on the imprint!

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