This is a special broadcast…do not attempt to adjust your radio.

by atomeyeblog

From Mon 25 – Fri 29 March 2013 a series of five playful and surprising audio interventions will be broadcast each day at 9.02am on BBC Radio 4 (after the Today programme). Open Air have commissioned artists known for their singular approach to performance, sound, sculpture, installation and film-making to respond to a particular moment in the morning radio schedule and re-interpret the broadcast space.

Christian Marclay – Mon 25 (listen here)
Ruth Ewan – Tues 26 (listen here)
Peter Strickland – Weds 27 (listen here)
Susan Hiller – Thurs 28
Mark Wallinger – Fri 29

A broadcast featuring all five pieces and interviews with the artists discussing their involvement will be at 11am on Easter Saturday.

BBC Radio 4

Open Air