Sound by Artists

by atomeyeblog

Sound Artists

A handsome and highly readable collection of essays, apologia, manifestos, and interviews about sound art. Opened at a random page I find instructions on how to record a burning piano.

Best use an upright piano. Overtune the strings as high as possible so as to g…et maximun sound when they snap with the heat. Cover 2 cheap dynamic microphones with insulation and fasten them inside the piano, place one near the hammers in the middle register and one by the pedals and near the bass strings…coloured balloons, firecrackers and rockets can be placed on the piano, especially if the burning is done at night. Splash a small amount of kerosene at the back of the piano in one corner so that the fire spreads slowly“. – Annea Lockwood from Piano Transplants (1968-82)

Charivari Press & Blackwood Gallery present The Facsimile Edition of Sound By Artists. Edited by Dan Lander & Micah Lexier The seminal title on Audio Art – Back in print. Contributers are Daina Augaitis / Bruce Barber / Max Bruinsma / John Cage / Kevin Concannan / Moniek Darge & Godfried-Willem Raes / Suzanne Delehanty / Jack Goldstein / Graf Haufen / Ihor Holubizky / Douglas Kahn / Richard Kostelanetz / Christina Kubisch / Marysia Lewandowska / Annea Lockwood / Alvin Lucier / Christian Marclay / Donal McGraith / Rita McKeough / Gordon Monahan / Ian Murray / Mystery Laboratory / Maurizio Nannucci / Max Neuhaus / R. Murray Schaeffer / Stelarc / Rod Summers / Bill Viola / Gregory Whitehead / Hildegard Westerkamp / Caroline Wilkinson. ..