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Month: March, 2013

ICA Smithsfest




The ICA is hosting a two day festival, Smithsfest, surveying the artistic and cultural impact of The Smiths; comprising of talks, performance, art and film on the 29 March 2013 – 30 March 2013.

Highlights include the London debut of Terry Christian’s solo show Naked Confessions of A Recovering Catholic; a double-bill of A Taste of Honey and The Leather Boys introduced by Rita Tushingham, two films she stars in and which were a huge influence on The Smiths.

Get quiffed up with a Moz Makeover from Open Barbers and Barberette, get your photo taken in front of the legendary Salford Lads Club, and confront MozTerMind: ask him anything about the Smiths or Morrissey and he knows the answer! The Readers Wifes, Strangeways and Morrissey Smiths Disco spin records throughout the weekend, plus an exhibition of exclusive photographs by legendary rock photographer Tom Sheehan.

Book at the ICA Box Office.
See you there!

This is a special broadcast…do not attempt to adjust your radio.

From Mon 25 – Fri 29 March 2013 a series of five playful and surprising audio interventions will be broadcast each day at 9.02am on BBC Radio 4 (after the Today programme). Open Air have commissioned artists known for their singular approach to performance, sound, sculpture, installation and film-making to respond to a particular moment in the morning radio schedule and re-interpret the broadcast space.

Christian Marclay – Mon 25 (listen here)
Ruth Ewan – Tues 26 (listen here)
Peter Strickland – Weds 27 (listen here)
Susan Hiller – Thurs 28
Mark Wallinger – Fri 29

A broadcast featuring all five pieces and interviews with the artists discussing their involvement will be at 11am on Easter Saturday.

BBC Radio 4

Open Air


Sound by Artists

Sound Artists

A handsome and highly readable collection of essays, apologia, manifestos, and interviews about sound art. Opened at a random page I find instructions on how to record a burning piano.

Best use an upright piano. Overtune the strings as high as possible so as to g…et maximun sound when they snap with the heat. Cover 2 cheap dynamic microphones with insulation and fasten them inside the piano, place one near the hammers in the middle register and one by the pedals and near the bass strings…coloured balloons, firecrackers and rockets can be placed on the piano, especially if the burning is done at night. Splash a small amount of kerosene at the back of the piano in one corner so that the fire spreads slowly“. – Annea Lockwood from Piano Transplants (1968-82)

Charivari Press & Blackwood Gallery present The Facsimile Edition of Sound By Artists. Edited by Dan Lander & Micah Lexier The seminal title on Audio Art – Back in print. Contributers are Daina Augaitis / Bruce Barber / Max Bruinsma / John Cage / Kevin Concannan / Moniek Darge & Godfried-Willem Raes / Suzanne Delehanty / Jack Goldstein / Graf Haufen / Ihor Holubizky / Douglas Kahn / Richard Kostelanetz / Christina Kubisch / Marysia Lewandowska / Annea Lockwood / Alvin Lucier / Christian Marclay / Donal McGraith / Rita McKeough / Gordon Monahan / Ian Murray / Mystery Laboratory / Maurizio Nannucci / Max Neuhaus / R. Murray Schaeffer / Stelarc / Rod Summers / Bill Viola / Gregory Whitehead / Hildegard Westerkamp / Caroline Wilkinson. ..



The 100th Anniversary of the Art of Noises


The 100th Anniversary of the Art of Noises

On March 11th 2013 it will be one hundred years since Luigi Russolo penned the Art of Noises manifesto in the form of a letter to fellow futurist composer Francesco Pratella.

…”a revolutionary manifesto that changed the way we think about sound and music

The Neo Futurist Collective and their partners will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Art of Noises manifesto by futurist artist Luigi Russolo through a guerrilla performance on the streets of London at 7.30pm GMT and the release of a long-lost historic recording. Joseph Young of the collective will also be writing articles as a guest blogger on the World Listening Project web site and making an hour-long radio feature for Resonance FM for broadcast in April.

In a central London location (whereabouts to be announced on the day at 5pm GMT) The Neo Futurist Collective and Fruit for the Apocalypse will perform “Cartet” – a Quartet for Car Engines, Horns and Radios in homage to Russolo’s call for the celebration of urban noise. The performance will take the form of a flashmob in a well-known public space. On the same day, Professor Russolo and his Noise Intoners will perform a noisy bicycle ride through the streets of Amsterdam.

Announcements will be made via twitter @apocalypsefruit @artofnoises


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xtet (α, β, γ, δ, θ, μ) or Brainwave Frequencies



xtet (2013-) is a series of compositions which harness the invisible ubiquity of portable audio devices to create an ephemeral, immersive and participatory field of sound. By broadcasting real-time audio to the audience’s wireless mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, etc), the audience itself becomes a temporary speaker system comprised of countless distributed sound sources, forming a uniquely spatial and participatory experience. The movements of listeners cause the music’s spatial formation to shift and grow, akin to the reactive motions of a shoal of fish.

xtet I (α, β, γ, δ, θ, μ), the first piece of the series, maps out the natural rhythms and characteristics of the brain’s neural activity, broadcasting audio streams which correspond to individual frequencies of brainwave.

Created by James Bully & Daniel Jones –  the duo also behind Variable 4; the 8-speaker outdoor sound installation that translates weather conditions into musical patterns in real time – xtet is showing at the Barbican, as part of the Brain Waves Weekender, 2nd — 3rd March 2013.

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